Credits are the currency for VFK. You can use credits to buy items for you or your rooms.

Obtaining Credits Edit


Credits tab

Every new player starts out with 200 credits. To earn more you can visit NPC's, play mini-games, and complete quests.

Spending CreditsEdit

Once you make all those lovely credits, now it is time to spend them. With credits you buy items in stores. Different categories you can buy are Furniture, Pins, Art, Clothing, and FX (Magic pins). Spend your credits wisely. Some items may be retired before others, while other items may stay in the stores for years.

Trading Credits Edit

According to the V.I.P. Package, VIP's are supposed to be able to trade credits, but this feature has not been put into effect yet.

As of June 16, 2013, new denominations of bonnets were released at Autumn Imports for players to easily trade credits to their friends.