Furniture is made to be placed in your guest rooms. The furniture you put in the room can determine its theme and purpose.


Furniture tab

Placing Furniture Edit

Click on the piece of furni that you want to move. The options for that piece of furniture will appear. Click on Grid Move, or Free Move, then click on the floor where you want the piece of furniture to go.

Hint: To move your furniture easily, click on the piece you want to move. Click the down arrow, then select either grid move, or free move, then the furni will not float off the ground. You can then move it using both your mouse and the arrow keys.

Moving and Removing your Furniture Edit


Item control menu

To move or remove the furniture in your room, click on the item you want to move or remove. This will bring up a menu and give you the ability to "Move", "Rotate", "Store" or "Info" the item. To keep the item in the same spot but change the direction it faces, use the "Rotate" button. To move, click move and drag the item to another spot in the room. By clicking the "Store" button the item will be removed from your room and be placed back into your inventory. As for the "Info" button, it currently does nothing.

Categories of Furniture Edit