Quests are activities that are played by players in order to win (a) prize(s). In a quest, players must complete each task to progress to the next. Each task requires a player to follow instructions or hints and perform a certain action, including saying a phrase in a specified room or correctly answering a multiple choice question. After a player has completed the quest, a prize will be awarded to that player. Prizes for quests include credits and items, many of which are only available through the quest. There is a weekly quest that is released every Sunday and lasts until Monday. A list of quests can be found here.

To access the current quests, click on the quest button on the right end of the toolbar to open the Quest Manager.


A Quest is only released for two days. Weekly quests are released every Sunday and lasts until Monday.

A Mini-Quest is similar to a weekly quest, however, they contain fewer questions. Mini-Quests are mainly released during certain Holidays and the prizes are usually pins.

Quests are one-time opportunities and will never be rereleased.


Epic QuestEdit

An Epic Quest is a special quest. These quests are in their own tab of the Quest Manager, labeled 'Epic Quests'. Each epic quest has 7 quests with 1 available per day. The reward for an epic quest is a magic pin. A list of epic quests can be found on this page or here.


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