Sometimes a trade may seem too good to be true, and in many cases it just might be.


A scam occurs when one player deceives another player into trading them items for an unfair price that the player would not otherwise accept.


While VFK staff moderate the trading of items to help prevent scams, it is up to players to also keep on the lookout for potential scams. These include scams such as players asking to 'borrow' items, but then not returning them. As a safe practice, never let ANYONE borrow any of your items, even if it is your friend. Another common scam is taking items out of the trade window just before the trade confirmation in attempt to trade less for the other player's item, without the other player noticing. Always check the trade window before confirming the trade to make sure everything that you agreed to trade on is in the trade window. Don't let anybody take advantage of you or any of your stuff. If you are unsure about a trade that might not be fair ask around in the room or give your friend a PM, you will most likely get a fast answer and it might save you from an unfair trade.

If You Have Been ScammedEdit

In the case of a serious scam, you may try to contact VFK staff to try and retrieve your items through Contact Us on the homepage, or use the in-game help feature. The Staff then may be able to reverse the trade and get your items back.