In VFK, you are able to communicate to others through typing and sending words that are listed in the VFK Dictionary. There are several methods of communication, including group chat in Public and Member-owned rooms, and also private chat in the form of Private Messages and Instant Message.

Group ChatEdit

To participate in group chat, you simply need to be in a Public or Member-owned room, and type in the textbox on your blue toolbar to the bottom of the screen. After typing your message, you must press the Enter key on your keyboard to send the message. If your message contains any words that are not included in the VFK Dictionary, then your message will not be able to be sent until you change or remove the words highlighted in red. If all of the words in your textbox are dictionary-compliant, then you and everyone else in the room will see your text on screen.


Words in the textbox before they're sent

Talking-Textbox red

Words not in the dictionary in the textbox


Speech Bubble containing text

Private ChatEdit

Private MessagingEdit


Reading a Private Message

Private messages are messages sent between you and another player. You are able to send private messages to both online and offline users. Users who are online at the time will receive notification through a blinking mail button on their VFK toolbar. Users who are offline at the time will receive the notificaiton through blinking mail button the next time they enter VFK. When they choose to read their private messages, they will need to click the mail button, then choose "View Messages" on their Friends List screen. They will then be able to cycle through their received private messages, in order of newest to oldest, and, optionally, delete them. They can then respond to any messages via the "Reply" button. The VFK Dictionary still applies in Private Messaging.

Instant MessagingEdit

Instant messaging is a feature available only to VIP Membership holders. Instant messaging allows you to have a private chat, similar to Private Messaging, but replies appear and can be read and responded to immediately, so a conversation progresses more easily than Private Messages. If the other player is not online when you send an IM, they will receive it and be able to reply once they log in. The VFK Dictionary still applies in Instant Messaging.

Fin IM

Fin Instant Message

Instant messaging is free to everyone who is accepted into EpicAges Beta.