Trade RequestsEdit


The trade request button.


Would you like to accept or deny the trade?

To trade with another player, just click on the player and click the "ask to trade" button. If the player accepts, a trade window will pop up. You can chat in the trade window with the person you are trading. Just put items from your inventory into the window. When you are both satisfied with the trade, click "accept." When both players click accept, you will be asked to confirm the trade. When both players click "Confirm" the trade is completed.



The trading window.

If you or the other person accepts the invitation, the trading window will open. On the top you will see your items, in the middle is your offer and the other person's offer, and the bottom is the chatbox.
To offer an item, double click it, and it will appear in the "My Offer" box. You can switch between your Furniture, Clothing, Art, Pins, and Magic Pins via the tabs on top. The other person will do the same thing, and their items will appear in the "_____ offers" box.
If you want to end the trade without trading, click the "End Trade" button on the bottom.

Accepting and Ending a TradeEdit


Confirming the trade.

Once you agree with the trade, click the "You Accept" checkbox to accept the trade. Once both players accept, a confirmation box will open. Both players will have to agree again (items can't be added/removed) to help prevent scamming.
Once the trade is done, the items you offered will be given to the other player, and vice versa.


Scamming is where a player deceives another player about the value of an item, or misrepresents the item. Usually players that are new to the game and are not familiar with the value of retired or non-buyable items are more easily deceived. The article on scamming can be found here.

Step by Step GuideEdit

  1. Click on the person you want to trade with.
  2. You should see an Ask to trade button.
  3. Click the button and wait for the person to accept.
  4. If the person accepts, you will see two windows: One of the windows is your trade box, and one is the other person's.
  5. You will see your Furniture, Pins, Clothing, Art,and FX catagories.
  6. Double click on the items you want to trade and you will see them in your trade window.
  7. Then, the person you're trading with will offer their items. If you agree with their offer, click the little square and you will see a check.
  8. Then, if the other person agrees, they will click the square.
  9. After you both click the square, you will see a conformation box.
  10. If you agree, click confirm and wait for other the person to click confirm.
  11. Then you have traded!